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Sri Lanka and condominium properties

Condominium properties, in the scale that we see currently in Sri Lanka, are rather recent additions to the local property landscape. There are no mandatory disclosures required from Developers. Buyers thus decide on such investments making assumptions based on the exterior facade and the aesthetics of a building rather than on its engineering features.

The lack of knowledge of buyers have, on many occasions, been exploited by Developers of condominium properties. Units are even sold and the full purchase price obtained when the building is not even issued with a Certificate of Conformity. There are ‘good Developers’ and ‘bad Developers’. But how does the unwary purchaser distinguish between these two?

This situation needs urgent attention of the local Authorities. In my book titled “Understanding the concept of condominiums” based on the Sri Lankan Apartment Ownership Law,  “would be buyers” are cautioned against rushing into a sales agreements without checking on certain important elements of the condominium property.


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